July 8 - 12, 2018

Never before offered to the Jewish Community

Join Father Patrick Desbois & Rabbi Aubrey Hersh on a journey through Poland and Ukraine, meeting both eyewitnesses and participants of atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

Destinations include: Lvov, Belzec, Lizhensk, and Krakow

Lantos Human Rights Prize Winner Father Patrick Desbois

A Holocaust journey never before offered

Retrace the footsteps of Father Patrick Desbois in uncovering the truth behind the murder of 1.5 million Jews by mass shooting.

The culmination of 16 years of extensive research.

A first ever onsite examination of the Hidden Holocaust by Bullets in the Ukraine and Poland

1.5 Million Jews were executed by bullets in the Ukraine and Poland. These mass graves along with the non Jewish eyewitness and participants to these atrocities have remained hidden until now.

Father Patrick Desbois, founder and President of Yahad- Unum, has identified over 1700 of these unknown mass graves and conducted video interviews of over 5000 eyewitnesses.

Join us with world renowned historian Rabbi Aubrey Hersh of London, England together with Father Patrick Desbois and his research team on a Journey never before made available to the Jewish community.

Now the opportunity is yours…to visit these unmarked mass graves that are only known by their GPS coordinates and meet with both Polish and Ukrainian eyewitnesses.

Did the locals know what was happening to their Jewish neighbors?

Were these mass executions conducted hidden from the public eye or in broad daylight for all to see?

What was the role of the locals in the killing of their Jewish neighbors?

What was the role of local governments and common folk in targeting the Jews?

What was the attitude of the locals to the eradicating of their Jewish neighbors?

Did the Jews know what was in store for them?

2018 Itinerary

  • Flight  arriving at 8:00 pm local time

  • Dinner and overnight in Lvov


Why Start in the Ukraine?

On the eve of the invasion of the Soviet Union by German troops, 2.5 million Jews lived in the territory of present-day Ukraine. It was the largest community living in the USSR and the second largest in Europe.

In the Ukrainian territory, the Jews were imprisoned in ghettos or in forced labor camps, deported to death camps farther west, but most were directly shot on the spot in mass graves, mines, wells, and ravines. More than 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews were exterminated by the Nazis and their collaborators between 1941 and 1944.

  • Guided visit of Lvov’s Jewish Heritage

  • Brigytik Jail

  • Site of Lvov pogrom and mass graves in Lissinichi forest (meeting with eyewitnesses*)

  • Rava Ruska – the first mass grave discovered by Father Patrick Desbois the Founder and President of Yahad-in-Unum and cross the border into Poland. (meeting with eyewitnesses*)

  • Visit Belzec death camp museum and memorial

  • Lizhensk and Kever of the Noam Elimelech

  • Overnight in Rzeszow

  • Mass graves in Zbylitowska Gora, (meeting with eyewitnesses*) on the outskirts of Tarnow, which includes a children’s gravesite.

  • Tuchow ghetto (meeting with eyewitnesses*)

  • Krakow- visit the ghetto area and Plaszow memorial sites

  • Dinner at the Sarah Schneirer building, which housed the famous original Beis Yaakov until WWII

  • Tour of Kazimierz – The Jewish quarter of Krakow dating back to the middle ages.

  • Auschwitz – The concentration camp that is synonymous with the Holocaust and where the use of Zyklon B was first trialled in 1941. For 70 years the barracks, gas chamber and grounds have been testimony to the Nazi plans of inhumanity.

  • Birkenau – With its infamous train lines and watch tower overlooking the vast bleakness of a place that became a factory of death.

  • Overnight in Krakow

Early Departure from Krakow airport

Rabbi Aubrey Hersh

Rabbi Aubrey Hersh is an international speaker & historian and a protege of Sir Martin Gilbert.

Father Patrick Desbois

Father Patrick Desbois has spent the past 16 years uncovering over one thousand unknown mass graves across Eastern Europe and collected video testimony from over 5000 first hand witnesses. He is the author of Holocaust by Bullets and recipient of the Legion d’Honneur. He is a foremost authority on the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

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